Work One on One

Do you want support with your weekly Pilates or Yoga practice? Do you need to revitalize your routine? Or do you need help building strength, recovering from or preventing injuries?

I work one on one with students who want to practice their weekly yoga or Pilates routine with a consistent, watchful eye. Regular, private one on one sessions will challenge and motivate you. Together we build a customized routine to meet your specific needs.

Is your exercise routine making you stronger and more resilient to injury and illness?

One on one sessions are ideal for rehabilitating injuries and creating a therapeutic work out regime. But one on one sessions are also useful for preventing injury! I have years of practice helping students correct imbalances in their musculature and I can help you create a routine that will make your body stronger and more resilient.


$100 per single session
$ 475 per five sessions
$850 for ten sessions

I give scheduling preference to regular students, but don’t hesitate to contact me if you have an immediate acute injury – I can help!

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