Private Pilates Classes

Pilates apparatus work is great for building:
– Spine Strength and flexibility
– Pelvic floor tone
– Low back (sacrum/pelvis/lumbar) stability
– Balance
– Leg and arm mobility and strength

I was personally attracted to working with the reformer after nearly 20 years of an advanced yoga practice because I love how it helps me safely strengthen and stretch my spine, hips and shoulders within a safe range of motion thereby healing a number of hyper-mobility and over-use injuries.

For most people Pilates apparatus work helps build range of motion and is particularly useful for people with limited mobility and strength.

In order to use the reformer you should be able to stand up and sit down from a chair and be able to rest comfortably on your back. Together we will build a customized routine to meet your specific needs.

$85 per single session
$425 per five sessions
$850 for ten sessions

I give scheduling preference to regular students, but don’t hesitate to contact me if you have an immediate acute injury – I can help!

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6 Comments on “Private Pilates Classes

  1. Would you consider coming to Flye Point, Brooklin Maine to teach a beginner Yoga class to two over 50 women and a 12 year old? we will be at Flye Point from August 17-30 and would love to have a class. Or we could possibly come to your studio near the Tradewinds.

    Gail Miller

  2. Where is the “Mountain Studio” shown above in the “Upcoming Classes”? And if the “Upcoming Classes” schedule on the right above is different than the “Weekly Schedule” on the left above, which is the correct/more up-to-date one? Is there a way to verify which is correct? Thanks!

    • Hi Wendy, I’m really glad you asked! My weekly schedule on this page was not properly updated. I just fixed it, so now everything should be at the correct time and location. Mountain Studio is at 10 Mines Rd. in Blue Hill. All my classes are held there except the Friday morning class is in Ellsworth at the Yoga Place.

  3. Hi,
    Any reformer Pilates available in your area? California native coming to visit Maine grandbabies for the month of May and I need my weekly class! Help please!

  4. Hi Charlotte– what is “creative core?” I see it listed for wednesday but don’t see a description anywhere.

    Leda Beth

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