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Weekly Classes at Mountain Studio, 10 Mines Rd in Blue Hill, Maine

Beginning Yoga
Slow enough for a novice to follow along but flowing enough to keep you engaged and moving. The emphasis is on (re)establishing healthy, natural back curves, weight bearing (standing) poses with good alignment, balance and coordination. To attend this class you should be able to get up and down from a yoga mat comfortably. 60 minutes.

Mixed Level Yoga
A vinyasa style class with some alignment breakdown interspersed throughout. Expect arm balances with beginner options, backbends and core work. You do not need to be flexible to attend these classes but you should be able to comfortably hold downward facing dog, or else willing to take breaks and watch your friends as needed. 60 – 90 minutes.

Pilates Mat Class 
Based on the Pure Pilates Level 1 Mat class with a few variations and alternate exercises thrown in to keep you working hard for 50 minutes of core work. Through repetition and focussed mind-body work, this class will help you wake up and strengthen your deep core muscles so you can stand taller and rest easier throughout the day. You don’t need to be able to do a sit up, but if you are new to Pilates you should be willing to sit back and watch as needed and trust in the power of practice.  50 minutes.


 Yoga for Athletes
I teach 30min – 2hr classes at workshops and festivals around New England. The focus is on helping runners and athletes use yoga to build better balance and stability. I teach the importance of establishing a strong foundation through foot and lower leg work (i.e. barefoot running and walking) as well as how to wake up a sleepy backside (gluteus and hamstrings). I’ve taught at the Wanderlust Festival in Vermont, The Maine Yoga Fest, the Pineland Trail Running Festival and several others. Occasionally I hold weekend clinics in Blue Hill, Maine.

Advanced Asana Clinics  
I love to teach advanced asana to intermediate yogis who want to explore a more acrobatic practice without sacrificing the integrity of their rotator cuff, lumbar spine or carpal tunnel! I teach 2-3hr workshops around New England as a visiting teacher. Let me know if you want me to come visit your studio.

Teacher Training

200-300hr Yoga Teacher Training
I conduct 200-300hr yoga teacher trainings for students interested in gaining the practical and philosophical knowledge required to responsibly teach vinyasa style yoga. Upon completion students receive a Yoga Teaching Certificate from the Wild Open Heart School of Yoga. Although I was previously a Yoga Alliance affiliated School, I am no longer supporting the Yoga Alliance. Rest assured that Wild Open Heart’s teacher training program exceeds the Yoga Alliance certification standards.


I have been leading groups in and out of the the wild and on and off yoga mats since 1996. I worked as an instruction for the National Outdoor Leadership School, a Park Ranger for Acadia National Park and a canopy tree climber for the Organization for Tropical Studies in Costa Rica. My retreats combine the self-care and delight of daily yoga, meditation and breath work with the excitement of travel and the rejuvenating power of nature.