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Weekly Classes at Mountain Studio

COVID-19 Update – due to the small size of my studio I will not be teaching public classes until further notice. I am however working 1-1 with clients, please contact me if you are interested. 

FREE CLASS RECORDINGS – I recorded many live classes during the spring of 2020 and posted them to my Youtube channel. Watch and follow along for free anywhere, anytime. Enjoy!


Beginning Yoga 
Slow enough for a novice to follow along but flowing enough to keep you engaged and moving. The emphasis is on (re)establishing healthy, natural back curves, weight bearing (standing) poses with good alignment, balance and coordination. To attend this class you should be able to get up and down from a yoga mat comfortably (slowly is fine). 60 minutes.

Mixed Level Yoga 
A vinyasa style class with some alignment breakdown interspersed throughout. Expect 30 minutes of warmup postures, 30 minutes of classic standing poses, 15 minutes of specialty poses (forward bends, hip openers, basic arm balances or basic backbends). You do not need to be flexible to attend these classes but you should be able to comfortably hold downward facing dog, and be able to get up and down from a yoga mat repeatedly. Also you are always welcome to take breaks when needed. 60 – 90 minutes.

Pilates Mat Class
Based on Power Pilates Beginner and Intermediate Mat class classical format with a few variations and alternate exercises thrown in to keep you working hard for 50 minutes of core work. Through repetition and focussed mind-body work, this class will help you wake up and strengthen your deep core muscles so you can stand taller and rest easier throughout the day. You don’t need to be able to do a sit up, but if you are new to Pilates you should be willing to sit back and watch as needed and trust in the power of practice.  50 minutes.

Creative Core Class 
Movement integration from the ground up. Discover how healthy alignment leads to a naturally toned core, greater range of motion and overall strength, coordination and balance. This class is a unique blend of exercises that I have gathered and personally developed over the last 20 years and includes classical Pilates core strengthening with TRX suspension training and functional body-weight-bearing exercises. Though this is not a gym-style-sweat-fest this class is excellent, if not mandatory, cross-training for athletes.

All public weekly classes cost $15 to drop-in, no reservations needed. You can also purchase a 5-class pass for $65 which is good for any 5-classes over a 6-month period. Checks, cash and cards are accepted.

What should you bring?
There are mats and other props at the studio so you only need to bring your mat if you want. Wear comfortable clothes to move and sweat in.