Seasonal Cleanse

Each April and October I offer a 14 or 21-Day group detox and seasonal cleanse. 


My seasonal cleanses provide a sustainable transformation from disconnect and disease to self-empowered, vibrant health. This is not about starvation and fasting yourself into a binge worthy state of depletion, or even about getting squeaky clean and green. This is a three-week, guided and supported nutrition-transition. Get ready to off-load the junk and on-load the love.  raw nettle pesto

Each cleanse is guided by the principles of Ayurveda. 

The Spring version focusses on eliminating extra “Kapha” or the elements of earth and water. You might know this better as the mucous and extra weight that leads to early spring allergies, lethargy and depression. This April cleanse focusses on creating space with a lighter, grain-free diet while giving the liver some extra rest and support to help break-up and eliminate winter’s toxins. Your skin will glow, your pants will fit, you’re allergies will dissipate, and you’ll be better prepared to take on the fullness of summer.

The Fall version focuses on removing excess “Pitta” or summer heat from the body. Left unchecked this heat will lead to skin rashes and infections, fall allergies, irritation and overall “burn-out”. I like to say that during the October cleanse we are transforming the fire of summer into the clear light of Fall. Clear, light soups, and heavier salads are the backbone of the Fall menu. At the end of this cleanse you’ll learn how to transition your diet from the light salads of summer to the heavier foods of winter while maintaining a nourishing, un-junky diet.

Learning Format

A comprehensive, updated pdf guide that includes recipes, menu plans, a quick start guide and tons of supplemental information.
An online group forum where you can chat, ask questions and connect with fellow cleansers throughout our time together.
Seven live webinar/teleseminars. Join-in by phone or online from anywhere in the world.
Recordings of live sessions for when you can’t attend.
Handholding – I dedicate these three weeks to supporting YOU! I am available by phone and email for personal questions and encouragement. (If you have more complex or ongoing health issues I do request that you set up a private consultation before the cleanse.)

My next seasonal cleanse will be in October 2017.