Nourish Yourself

Regain your vitality, nourish your family, lose a few pounds and learn how to make healthy eating a priority in your life. I teach Ayurveda diet and lifestyle skills from a fresh modern perspective.Quinoa Blueberry Cereal

I began studying diet, nutrition and Ayurveda at Naropa University in 2000. Between 2010-2012 I completed two 9 month Ayurveda Living Skills courses and two years of mentorship with Cate Stillman and a 5-month internship with Dr. Claudia Welch. As I am a mother, endurance athlete and human making my way through a world full of donuts and fro-yo I practice what I preach, seeking a sustainable balance between chopping vegetables all day or serving popcorn for dinner again.

Seasonal Cleanses

Every Spring and Fall I offer a group seasonal cleanse. This is your chance to rest, reset and restore. The course is conducted through live and recorded webinars and an online group forum so you can attend from anywhere in the world.