Pushing the edge to feel alive

Embodiment Concrete expression of something A tangible or visible expression of an idea or quality Embodying of something The act or process by which something is made tangible or visible My Favorite Challenge Last weekend I swam three… Read More

Barefoot Running Footwear: from skin to vibram and everything in-between

Be like Laura and take off your shoes I’ve been reducing my footwear ever since I was eight year’s old when I was so fully immersed in the Laura Ingall’s Little House book series that I was sure… Read More

Barefoot Freedom Video

Steve Stone a sporadic but dedicated yoga student of mine is also a talented film producer. He talked me into making a “happy feet” video for his new instructional website  Off Center Harbor. Of course if you know… Read More

Finishing the 2011 Lobsterman Triathlon Barefoot

This was my third year competing in the Lobsterman Triathlon but my first time running the 10k completely barefoot. Even six months ago I wondered if my foot pads would be able to weather that much asphalt but… Read More

When the going gets tough, the tough eat greens

Why I eat greens for breakfast, lunch and dinner It’s hot and dry, I’ve just finished a 26 mile bike ride before teaching my Saturday morning yoga class and I’ve got twenty minutes to refuel and refresh –… Read More