Day 2 with the Tarahumara in Costa Rica

We spent all day together – we sang, we danced, we ate and we bathed in holy water. We visited coffee plantations and a gorgeous permaculture farm. But the highlight of the day was Silvio’s fart on the… Read More

La Ruta Run!

In a little less than two weeks I’m headed to Costa Rica to run La Ruta Run. The details are still a little fuzzy to me, but here’s what I know so far. We start in Jaco, a… Read More

Six things I learned during my first year of training for ultramarathons

I had a solid four years of barefoot running behind me But I hadn’t run further than 8-miles since before my girls were born. I had heard about the Western States 100 when I thru-hiked the Pacific Crest… Read More

50 miles down, 0 to go

Running is a great way to spend 12 hrs I had fun. That’s right, running 50 miles in one day can be fun! I was secretly prepared for my first 50-miler to possibly really suck and figured at… Read More

Mountains for lunch

It’s the end of summer. Our garden has done what it’s going to do, the kids need to go back to school before they permanently convert the back porch into dirt-clay, flower-petal soaking, bike zoo. The crisp air… Read More

Great Cranberry Island Ultra 2013 – my second 50k

Warning, apparently ultra runs require ultra blogs. You might want to grab a Gu for this one . . . Prelude The first road race I remember watching was the 10-mile Lobster Classic held in Hancock, Maine every… Read More

Report on the Pineland Running Festival and my first 50k race.

Finding ourselves in the middle of what appears to be new weather trend – spring hurricane season – we wisely opted not to camp out Friday evening. Instead we drove down early Saturday morning and the four of… Read More

Why Women Should Run (and why they need to have more fun doing it)

This is my response to the article “Why Women Should Not Run“. To spare you the tedium, I’ll summarize his main point: Running is stressful. Stress contributes to weight gain. Therefore women should not run. Running will only make… Read More

How I ditched my shoes, in 20 slides

Here’s the live-recorded version of the slide show I gave at Blue Hill’s Pecha Kucha night December 5, 2012. The Pecha Kucha format is that each presenter shows 20 slides for 20 seconds and gets to spout off on anything they… Read More

An awesome summer of playing, training and racing

In mid April I quit sugar and grains for as long as I could – which made for a fantastic lead into my summer triathlon training. I started with nine workouts a week in late May – that’s… Read More