Summer Comes to Maine

In lieu of my regularly scheduled Weekly News Roundup I want to tell you about a couple of our recent family adventures. If nothing else I want to remind you how gorgeous Maine is and show you how easy it is to… Read More

Weekly News Roundup 7/14/14

Once again I find myself at the end of another very full summer week. After such a long, dark, cold winter I think it is safe to say that us Maineacs are universally thrilled with the recent bounty of… Read More

Weekly News Round Up 7/7/14

Move Your Body Have you ever noticed that I am obsessed with awakening the gluteus, deep abdominal and pelvic floor muscles? Hatha yoga offers several strategies for balancing the upward (prana) and downward (apana) flow (vayu) through the pelvic region. Our good health… Read More

Weekly News Roundup 6/30/14

Running Sometimes I feel like my entire life is defined by the effort to balance effort and ease, trying to find that sweet spot that is embodied liberation. Here Emelie Forsberg demonstrates her talent for balancing effort and grace…. Read More

Weekly News Round Up 6/23/14

Re-Wilding The Summer Solstice was Saturday. For those of us living close to the 45th parallel (the Blue Hill peninsula is 44.4 degrees, hence the name of our favorite local coffee roaster 44 North) the sun rose at 4:50am… Read More

Weekly News Round Up 6/16/14

Upcoming community events: PKMDI (Pecha Kucha MDI) – an eclectic group of local talents come together to entertain you with 20 slides, 20 seconds per slide. June 18th, 7:30pm Abbe Museum, Bar Harbor, back yard. Deer Isle Bridge Fun Run… Read More

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