Fresh Maine Family-Friendly Summer Fare

80% Raw living food, 20% cooked whole food In the summer my family eats about 80% raw foods. Which is not hard to do. We could pretty much live in our pea-patch right now and the carrots are… Read More

Low Sugar Kids

Kids can eat what parents eat Since I have been sugar and mostly grain free for several months now, I’ve had to get creative. Not just in feeding myself, but in feeding the kids as well. I don’t like… Read More

Saying No to Sugar

Starting a No Sugar Diet In early April I decided I was done playing the sugar game for now. I got to the point where my sugar addiction was so distracting that I could feel the energy suck:… Read More

Stinging Nettles – Viscously Delicious and Nutritious

Have I mentioned that I am having a love affair with nettles? Last week I visited our (quietly) famous local nettle patch. Here on the old homestead site where we gathered as kids for our annual May Day… Read More

Why Spring Cleanse?

Recently a student sent me a great list of questions about my upcoming Spring Cleanse, and I answered: I’m not entirely sure of the purpose(s) of a cleanse…could you please explain? Most of us take in far more food/emotions/experience… Read More

Spring Cleaning and Healthy Compost

If you were a compost pile The first thing a compost pile needs is scraps. All the stuff you couldn’t use. But if all you do is pile up all the extra stuff and ignore it, you will… Read More

Easy, Raw, On-the-go Cooking!

Here’s another video of me that Steve Stone of Off Center Harbor made for his new site. This one features a lovely fresh cabbage slaw that is one of my favorites Spring through Summer. When I first told… Read More

Your Food Industrial Complex Makes Me Sick

Dear Department of Agriculture, I’m a total food snob and I’d really like to be able to keep it that way. I like the food I eat. It’s full of minerals and good bacteria, prana-shakti (life force) and love…. Read More

Carving a New Groove

It is not easy to carve a new groove. The old groove is so comfortable, so familiar and dependable. We like what we like and we assiduously avoid the rest. Over time our groove gets narrower and deeper… Read More

More Spicy, Less Raw – Transitioning to Fall Part II

After picking apples all morning we arrived at the Maine Grind with raw fingers and red noses. Given the luxury of choice of  we opted for the warm squash soup over raw vegetable sandwiches on gluten free bread…. Read More