2015 Yoga Teacher Training

Weekly News Roundup 11/23/14

Move Your Body It probably comes as no surprise that one of my favorite undergraduate courses was comparative vertebrate morphology. In particular I loved the fanciful (though also sometimes eerily accurate) idea that ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny. The idea… Read More

Weekly News Round Up 6/23/14

Re-Wilding The Summer Solstice was Saturday. For those of us living close to the 45th parallel (the Blue Hill peninsula is 44.4 degrees, hence the name of our favorite local coffee roaster 44 North) the sun rose at 4:50am… Read More

Why get out of bed?

The perils of an embodied life In a recent yoga class I had just finished a too-legnthy rant about the perils of unskillful back bending, when a visiting student asked “Sooo, if  it’s so dangerous, why are doing… Read More


Wild animals that live in wild habitats move with economy and grace. They are sensitive, responsive and calm. I was once a wild animal. I walked barefoot across the earth, crouching, squatting, creeping and kneeling without restraint. My… Read More

Confessions of an Un-Vegan Yogini – Part 1

Compassionate and Empathetic people don’t eat animals! At the age of nine I declared myself a righteous protector of all animals feathered, furred and scaled and stopped eating meat.  I already hated milk (something to do with the… Read More

December Yoga sequence

In order to keep things simple during this busy holiday month we stuck to one sequence of poses for the whole month. This sequence keeps you moving and builds some heat with an emphasis on strengthening the hips… Read More

Pushing the edge to feel alive

Embodiment Concrete expression of something A tangible or visible expression of an idea or quality Embodying of something The act or process by which something is made tangible or visible My Favorite Challenge Last weekend I swam three… Read More

Moving Beyond Anusara

Since I posted on the Anusara drama a few months ago and resigned my Anusara liscence in April, I will give you one last update on what is happening Anusara-world. Hopefully this will make my own decisions clear… Read More

A Natural Yoga Disaster – Churning the Ocean

I have been practicing yoga for over 20 years and the recent yoga controversies in both the Anusara and Ashtanga worlds have provided hands down the best conversation we’ve ever had in the yoga world. If you know… Read More