Five Kids and Two moms on Vermont’s Long Trail

I’ve been wanting to write about this trip for several months now but I was also holding out hope that the kids would collectively make a trip video because writing and photos really can’t do the trip justice…. Read More

Wild Maine Adventures

How do you teach group fitness classes in a small home studio during a global pandemic? The short answer is you change careers. I decided since being inside with adults was clearly a bad idea, being outside with… Read More

Pandemic Run for Food

I was so looking forward to running the Riverland’s 100 trail race for the third time during the spring of 2020, but like everything else last year, it was cancelled because of the global pandemic. So I decided… Read More

Living a Dream Part 3: Hiking the John Muir Trail

A 25 minute video can’t really do justice to the full experience of backpacking for a month with your kids in the wilderness. The video highlights the beauty, the silliness, the connection and the freedom of being out… Read More

Living a Dream Part 1:

Preparing to leave your house and live in your car and tent for 2.5 months with your family We signed off all things internet from June 21 – September 1, 2019 and it was delightful. We’ve been home… Read More

What’s next

I’ve been told by my friends that I don’t need to explain myself. That I am free to close my studio, leave my house, abandon my pets and take my family hiking for two months. I appreciate those… Read More

Big Changes

25 Years of teaching yoga come to an end I started teaching yoga shortly after I took my first class. Back then (1994) there weren’t many yoga teachers and studios were happy for students to substitute teach classes…. Read More

Mountain Studio is Open The back story . . . When Lucy was born nine years ago I gave up my yoga studio in Vermont and moved back to Maine. I’ve been a nomadic yoga teacher ever since. Over the last nine years I’ve taught in… Read More

Weekly news roundup 12/17/14

In Wild Open Heart news, I will be teaching several classes over the Holidays, be sure to check my class schedule to see where when. Move Your Body Balanced action, it’s all about balanced action. Picture the pelvic floor,… Read More

Weekly News Roundup 11/23/14

Move Your Body It probably comes as no surprise that one of my favorite undergraduate courses was comparative vertebrate morphology. In particular I loved the fanciful (though also sometimes eerily accurate) idea that ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny. The idea… Read More