Summer Comes to Maine

In lieu of my regularly scheduled Weekly News Roundup I want to tell you about a couple of our recent family adventures. If nothing else I want to remind you how gorgeous Maine is and show you how easy it is to… Read More


Wild animals that live in wild habitats move with economy and grace. They are sensitive, responsive and calm. I was once a wild animal. I walked barefoot across the earth, crouching, squatting, creeping and kneeling without restraint. My… Read More

Igniting better health through diet

Join my 7th Annual Spring Cleanse April 17 – May 7, 2016 Does what you eat really matter? Many years ago when I first started looking into alternative healing methods, I had a little pet peeve. As an… Read More


My older daughter is almost six, and it seems like the rising sap and rush of spring have filled her to almost bursting this time around. She wakes with a palpable feeling of excitement and longing – to… Read More

Spiraling In

A spiral is a circle through time. Spirals are the physical representation that “no form of energy can be exerted indefinitely in one direction only”*. Energy is often described as pulsing in waves – periods of expansion and… Read More

Nature condenses to start anew, how about you?

The exuberance of summer is folding in on itself. Condensing into an array of gorgeous and exquisitely designed fall seeds. Now, these perfect little seeds settle back into the humble dark earth. Pause. Exhale. All life begins in… Read More

Magic Forest Fun

The other morning I was dragging, feeling sleepy and low energy, unfocused, sad and alone. No particular reason, but I was out of sync. Fortunately my job working for a local land trust required me to pull on… Read More

The Heat of Transformation

Agni is the power that creates form from the formless. It is the light of life and the fire of transformation. It is the intelligent spark that illuminates every part and particle of our being, and indeed of… Read More