Igniting better health through diet

Join my 7th Annual Spring Cleanse April 17 – May 7, 2016 Does what you eat really matter? Many years ago when I first started looking into alternative healing methods, I had a little pet peeve. As an… Read More

Change your habits with love and care

In Ayurveda there is an overarching principle that is often paraphrased as “like increases like”. Meaning, what you are doing now, you will tend to keep doing. Surely you have noticed this pattern in your life. Have you… Read More

Honor Your Priorities This Fall

Do you feel the call to balance? Fall is a time of introspection. Of gathering our attention and of re-focusing with clarity on those things that matter to us most. If you have been feeling the pull toward… Read More

Make Yourself the Experiment

My older daughter just came up to me, squeezed her finger in a funny way and said in a whiny, pained voice “mmmmoom, when I do this to my finger it realllllly hurts”. That’s when I hear the… Read More

Low Sugar Kids

Kids can eat what parents eat Since I have been sugar and mostly grain free for several months now, I’ve had to get creative. Not just in feeding myself, but in feeding the kids as well. I don’t like… Read More

Your Food Industrial Complex Makes Me Sick

Dear Department of Agriculture, I’m a total food snob and I’d really like to be able to keep it that way. I like the food I eat. It’s full of minerals and good bacteria, prana-shakti (life force) and love…. Read More

More Spicy, Less Raw – Transitioning to Fall Part II

After picking apples all morning we arrived at the Maine Grind with raw fingers and red noses. Given the luxury of choice of  we opted for the warm squash soup over raw vegetable sandwiches on gluten free bread…. Read More

Get Oily not Dry – Transitioning into Fall Part I

Yesterday morning we woke up to clear blue skies and an icy skim on our puddles. My throat was dry and Lucy kept complaining about itchy eyes. So before getting dressed for school both girls gleefully stood in… Read More

Nature condenses to start anew, how about you?

The exuberance of summer is folding in on itself. Condensing into an array of gorgeous and exquisitely designed fall seeds. Now, these perfect little seeds settle back into the humble dark earth. Pause. Exhale. All life begins in… Read More