Thawing winter habits so you can jump into spring

Join my 7th Annual Spring Cleanse April 17-May 7, 2016 A niggling, growing urge to bust out of winter My daughter and I were just sitting in a sunny warm spot on our couch listening to a lovely… Read More

Why Women Should Run (and why they need to have more fun doing it)

This is my response to the article “Why Women Should Not Run“. To spare you the tedium, I’ll summarize his main point: Running is stressful. Stress contributes to weight gain. Therefore women should not run. Running will only make… Read More

Igniting better health through diet

Join my 7th Annual Spring Cleanse April 17 – May 7, 2016 Does what you eat really matter? Many years ago when I first started looking into alternative healing methods, I had a little pet peeve. As an… Read More

Confessions of an Un-Vegan Yogini – Part 1

Compassionate and Empathetic people don’t eat animals! At the age of nine I declared myself a righteous protector of all animals feathered, furred and scaled and stopped eating meat.  I already hated milk (something to do with the… Read More

Soul Food

Avocado on toast So simple, so yummy, so perfect on a blustery March morning. I’ll never forget how I was introduced to this breakfast. It was the fall of 2001 and Jerome and I were in New York… Read More

Staying healthy in the middle of flu season

It’s rough out there I’ve been watching my healthiest, most cold-resistant friends drop like flies with the flu this season. Entire families have been taken down for a week or more and are returning to the land of… Read More

Change your habits with love and care

In Ayurveda there is an overarching principle that is often paraphrased as “like increases like”. Meaning, what you are doing now, you will tend to keep doing. Surely you have noticed this pattern in your life. Have you… Read More

Honor Your Priorities This Fall

Do you feel the call to balance? Fall is a time of introspection. Of gathering our attention and of re-focusing with clarity on those things that matter to us most. If you have been feeling the pull toward… Read More

Make Yourself the Experiment

My older daughter just came up to me, squeezed her finger in a funny way and said in a whiny, pained voice “mmmmoom, when I do this to my finger it realllllly hurts”. That’s when I hear the… Read More

Wild Maine Blueberries

Wildly Beneficial Blueberries In Maine, it’s no coincidence that wild blueberries reach their peak ripeness right at the height of summer’s heat. Just when heart burn, skin rashes, headaches and extra irritability set in (all signs of excess… Read More