Five Kids and Two moms on Vermont’s Long Trail

I’ve been wanting to write about this trip for several months now but I was also holding out hope that the kids would collectively make a trip video because writing and photos really can’t do the trip justice. So until that happens, here’s the briefest snap-shot of how Clara and I spent September, 2020.

We started the trip in Williamstown, MA on September 7 and finished at the Canadian border on October 4. We resupplied six times, having mailed boxes of food and fuel ahead to several towns along the way. The kids held up amazingly well considering we only took one full zero-day. We were hiking fast to beat the cold and snow!

Lucy and Georgia started out with the idea that they would make a Vlog during the hike but we all quickly realized that kids+technology+backpacking is a dumb idea – being outside all day is enough! Before we realized all that, Lucy did manage to publish a few videos that give you a glimpse at life on the trail with the Turtle Herd.

Clara and me on top of Mt. Mansfield, the highest point on the Long Trail.
Creeping across the mud puddles that define the Long Trail
A brilliant sunset outside Johnson, VT after a very wet, very long day.
Feeding five growing kids while hiking up to 15 miles a day was a full-time job!
The last night on the trail we made a fire to warm our toes and dry our socks.
The whole Turtle Herd at the Canadian Border, the Northern terminus of the 275-Mile Long Trail.

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