Weekly News Roundup 6/30/14


Sometimes I feel like my entire life is defined by the effort to balance effort and ease, trying to find that sweet spot that is embodied liberation. Here Emelie Forsberg demonstrates her talent for balancing effort and grace.  

This episode of Talk Ultra is perfect for a long car trip (or run), and happens to feature two excellent interviews with minimalist/barefoot runners. Also Lisa Smith-Batchen who is about to run Badwater 135 four times.

In that same episode Karl Meltzer expressed his concern about “getting chicked” at Western States 100. Look here boys, the running goddesses hate that phrase and I’m pretty sure that’s why they forced him to drop out of this weekend’s race. Sucks for him, but maybe he’ll be more interested in running like a girl next time? (And watch out, ’cause if you keep calling us girls, this actual girl is gonna pass you too.)


While I’m on the topic of goddesses. Here’s a good article on diastases (the abdominal wall separation that happens during pregnancy).

Nourish Yourself

Being fair and outside for most of my life I’ve been subjected to a few kinds of skin cancer including melanoma so I’m probably not the best person to tell you not to wear sunscreen. But I completely agree with the fact that we shouldn’t be putting anything on our skin that we wouldn’t put in our mouths. There’s more work to be done with optimizing modern sun-saftey, but in the mean time here’s a good homemade sunscreen recipe.

And as a side benefit, I swear putting coconut oil all over my body everyday has kept the deer ticks away (knocking vigorously on wood as I type). For the last four years I’ve found them regularly on my clothes and skin but never attached.

And finally, now that it’s getting warmer, are you balancing the heat with cool, green and sweet? Staying topped-off with anti-oxidant fruits and vegetables will help keep your skin and immune system healthy.

Photo of the week:


This is how my girl runs.

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