Weekly News Round Up 6/23/14


The Summer Solstice was Saturday. For those of us living close to the 45th parallel (the Blue Hill peninsula is 44.4 degrees, hence the name of our favorite local coffee roaster 44 North) the sun rose at 4:50am and set at 8:22pm for an official 15hrs and 31 minutes of daytime. However, if you live around here you know that the real day lasts much longer. It is light enough to read by 4am and there is still a glow in the western sky until 9:30pm. I always feel nostalgic for Alaska at this time of year, there is something very magical about   the land of the midnight sun. In honor of the summer solstice, here’s a short time lapse video of a summer week in the arctic.

And while we’re on it, you know how I’m always telling you to look up time-lapse videos of plants growing to watch how they follow the sun? Here’s a nice example.

Yoga Trends

This story from Diane Bruni (via Matthew Remski) more or less parallels the first ten years of my own yoga experience and how it shifted over the next 10 years. This will help you understand why I am so obsessed with incorporating integration, engagement, sensitivity and responsiveness in my practice. Oh, and I why I started teaching Pilates. Glutes are good. So are hamstring attachments and rotator cuffs.

If yoga is a conversation with yourself, how deep should you go? Here’s a Huffington Post interview with Tom Myers on the connection between emotional patterns and fascia. While I’m not sure we should get too obsessed with reinventing ourselves, I do appreciate the access yoga gives me to different depths of my being.

Nourish Yourself

I went to high school with Seamus Mullens so it was extra fun to stumble across his Cooking with a Blender article in Men’s Journal. Just in time for some light-weight healthy summer “cooking”.

I got an email yesterday from a friend who is feeling a bit boggy and bloated despite slowly transitioning to a fresher, greener summer diet. Among other things, I suggested she add more gut-bugs in the form of fermented foods. Which reminded me of this article on probiotics and how or if they really work. For the record I’m big fan of raw, lacto-fermented vegetables as a source for gut-bugs, though I have been known to take pills in a pinch.

This week’s photo is brought to you by our future slug-eaters first swim:



3 Comments on “Weekly News Round Up 6/23/14

  1. Oh my, how cute. So today I left my sweet 6 year old unsupervised with a hose. Close to the ducklings in the booder that is bottomless. I found one almost dead looking and three others reduced in size and all wet. We all panicked at home, wrapped them in towels, snuggled them on our chests, while Todd connected the warm light again. It took about an hour for them to become fluffly and normal again. All sleeping well on a bed mowed grass, and growing so fast. What a scare! 75 but colder air, a bit windy, and a mist they could not avoid almost resulted fatal. Grateful that we all pulled efforts to the rescue.

    • Yes, I’m finding that six year olds make for very enthusiastic, if not very talented duck-parents.

  2. Love your links and great reads! “Break your knees”….oh goodness. I think that my rehab background may just mesh will with some safer ideas in the yoga community:))

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