Igniting better health through diet

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Does what you eat really matter?

Many years ago when I first started looking into alternative healing methods, I had a little pet peeve. As an Ivy-leagued trained ecologist I was used to the exactitude of science. The results of a good double-blind study showed a clear relationship between two things, nothing more, nothing less.

So when any number of health authors proclaimed that their unique diet could cure every possible ailment, from asthma to eczema, depression to hyperactivity and everything in between, I was annoyed. How did these guys they get-off making such broad and casual correlations between diet and every possible ill humankind has ever experienced?? Their eagerness to make their particular diet all things to all people made them a lot less credible in my view.

The unhealthy truth

The thing is, while specific methods and diets are rarely tested in any meaningful way there is no doubt that the overall health of Americans is declining. And fast. In my experience, very few of us think that means us. But here are the facts, –  as tempting as it might be to believe you are an outlier: just one juice box has over 15 grams of sugar in it, more than our ancestors might have eaten in an entire week. A single-serving of canned (even organic) soup has more sodium than our ancestors would have eaten in a day. Our livers, pancreas and kidneys are not made to handle the incredible stressors of this radical modern diet.

The result is that like our humble cow friends in Concentrated Animal Feedlots that are forced to eat grain instead of grass, we too are utterly dependent of drugs to keep us alive. Perhaps you think I’m exaggerating, or perhaps you consider yourself above such diet-induced illnesses.

What does true health look like?

–       One or two minor colds a year.
–       Deep and satisfying sleep
–       No infections that require the use of antibiotics (a healthy immune system will keep even the most robust germs in check).
–       Clear, shiny, fungus and virus-free skin, hair, nails and eyes.
–       A clear, bright mind and attitude.

If this picture of health seems far-fetched or idealistic, picture a wild animal in a healthy environment. Shiny, abundant foxfur, bright eyes, alert, relaxed, sensitive, at ease and in sync with its environment.

Why do we settle for less?

Perhaps because as a culture have been taught to accept a bare-minimum of personal health accountability?  Perhaps because we have been taught to believe that the food we put in our mouths 3, 6, 8, even 10 times a day has less impact on our overall health than that little blue pill we take every morning?

Ironically, there are real studies that show a significant connection between diet and diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and heart disease, and yet most will still choose to primarily treat these diseases with drugs.

“But I’m different . . .”

If you’re reading this blog you’re likely response is  “Well, if I had one of those serious diseases I would definitely change my diet.” But what if I told you that your general malaise, toe fungus, bloating, constipation, restless sleep, sore throat, frequent colds and eczema are serious diseases? If you saw a wild fox wandering around during the day with a rabidfoxrunny nose you would be very concerned for that animal’s health. And yet, somehow we’ve been taught that our stuffy noses and poor sleeping habits are completely normal. They’re not. Nor are your migraines, acne and achy low back. Like the increase in rabid animals, these are symptoms of a system out of sync.

Being out of sync hurts. And sometimes we are so out of sync that we can’t even tell night from day, or real food from fake food. We look to external authorities to tell us what, when and how to eat because we’ve completely lost touch with our own wild and deeply intelligent instincts.

Getting back in sync and become your own heath authority

A good seasonal cleanse can do you tremendous good. Imagine that you’re one of those CAFO cows and that my Spring Cleanse is like rescuing yourself and putting yourself back out to pasture. No more antibiotics, no more joint pain, bloating, or identity issues just happy, contented chewing of life-force filled food.

The goal of my Spring Cleanse is to gently and persistently guide you back to your own native food environment. To re-awaken your own inner health-instincts and become your own authority, no studies needed.

For a one hour audio lecture I gave on this topic listen here.

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