Low Sugar Kids

Kids can eat what parents eat

Since I have been sugar and mostly grain free for several months now, I’ve had to get creative. Not just in feeding myself, but in feeding the kids as well. I don’t like to spend time cooking, so I’ve learned how to make fast-fresh-food and the kids have learned how to eat what I make (there’s no short-order chef in this house!)

What I’ve been cooking (or uncooking) this summer

One morning after teaching my yoga class and biking 20 miles in Castine, I was ravenous. Fortunately the Castine Farmer’s Market was in full swing so I picked up a container of fresh corn salsa and guacamole from the El El Frijoles booth and then a bag of carrots from Horse Power Farm (they grow the best I’ve ever tasted). I finished off everything before I got home so then had to figure out how to make the girls lunch. Inspired by my own fresh snack, we made  . . .

Collard Green Wraps with Corn Salsa, White Bean Dip and Guacamole:

I made a fresh batch of corn salsa with a bag of frozen organic corn, cilantro, chopped cherry tomatoes and green onions from the garden.

Used the white bean dip left over from the day before, made by soaking white beans over night, cooking until soft and blending in my mini-chop with some olive oil, tamari, lemon juice and green onions. And topped it all with guacamole – which I make by blending up an avocado with sea salt and lemon juice and call it good. It is.

Romaine Lettuce Boats with White Bean Dip and Cherry Tomatoes

The next week our romaine lettuce leaves were ready, so we used those to make romaine boats. White bean dip helps the cherry tomatoes stay put. The girls sprinkle corn chips on theirs.

Coconut Ice Cream

It’s fast and easy and has less than five ingredients. I blend a can of coconut milk, a bag of frozen fruit (peaches, strawberries or raspberries) with some vanilla bean powder and stevia powder in our BlendTech blender. There is never any left over.

What do kids eat when they don’t eat crap?

Because I’m not eating sugar or many grains they are eating much less. I’m not sure they’ve noticed. What they have noticed is that it is summer, which means they each get to eat their own entire head of romaine lettuce, right down to the tiny leaves in the middle. And they get to eat peas fresh from the vine, as many as they want and pick whatever herbs they like to garnish and flavor their meals. And they can eat cucumbers like apples, right down to the core. And I am lucky if they miss a raspberry or strawberry on their morning raids. Yes, it is possible to raise children with the bare minimum of added crap.

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