Spring Cleaning and Healthy Compost

If you were a compost pile

The first thing a compost pile needs is scraps. All the stuff you couldn’t use. But if all you do is pile up all the extra stuff and ignore it, you will likely end up with a putrid pile of rot. Because your compost pile also needs air, moisture and heat. And so do you. When was the last time you tended to your compost pile? Are you a nutrient-dense, symbiotic ecosystem of biological goodness, or are you an overburdened landfill?

Why it’s likely your compost pile needs some help

Think back to last Spring and take an inventory of all that has happened in your life over the past year – big and small, personal and global. If you are like me, this has been one FULL year.

This year I’ve been reading the Little House on the Prairie books to my daughters and the lovely slow pace of these stories provides a stark contrast to our overscheduled, information-packed modern lifestyle. It is quite possible that we take in more information and cover more ground each day than Laura Ingalls did in an entire year. Add to that the daily emotions of family, work life, media, media, media and the 1,000 or so meals that we each ate this year, and we’ve consumed a lot of stuff!

Creating space and taking time out is like adding air to your compost pile

That’s why it’s so important to pause, to take time and to make space. To digest. To integrate. To eliminate.  Think of this Spring Cleanse as a big deep breath. The pause that will let you let go. Of all that stuff.

Because as Guitar says to Milkman in Toni Morrison’s Song of Solomon “You wanna fly, you got to give up the shit that weighs you down.”  (Don’t worry, I’ll wait a few years before I read that one to my girls).

Your whole being is asking you to pause, to let go and breath. It’s free. You can do it right now. I’ll wait.

 Great. You just started your Spring Cleanse. Now, keep going. Take another breath. See, you can do it! You can create the space you need, you can feel better.

And if you want group support, if you need daily reminders, great recipes, the science behind detoxification, and how to compost a winter’s worth of food and emotions into an amazing nutrient-filled growth medium (aka YOU!), you can join us. We can do it together.

This Spring’s Cleanse is the best value I’ve ever offered and the most accessible too. With the Clean Living Guide in your email box this weekend you’ll have plenty of time to prepare. All the live teleconference/webinars are recorded so you can listen at your convenience, and you can connect with cleanse-buddies on the online forum for a full four weeks (April 10 – May 8), so if you need to start your cleanse a little early or late, you won’t be alone.

I look forward to creating space with you this Spring, April 17 – May 1. Join me.



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