Keeping Good Company

My teacher Douglas Brooks often quotes his teacher Gopala Ayer Sundaramoorthy as having said “You become the company you keep, so keep great company.”

If you come to my classes in Blue Hill, you already know how much I love your company. It is one of the reasons I moved back here. We are a community of great company.

We share a common appreciation for solitude (our own company) and community (each other’s company). Here, with the broad starry sky overhead, and the endless ocean-horizon it is quiet enough to hear the sweet song of our own voices, still enough to feel the joy leaping in our hearts, and wild enough to see beauty around every corner.

We know what kind of company we keep because our small community requests of us a high level of integrity and accountability. Some might find this claustrophobic, but I find deeply gratifying. We are known. And we are loved. Sometimes in funny ways . . . 

Very little is hidden between the post office parking lot, the town office and the pharmacy counter. We work for each other and while we keep the facts and figures more or less private, we transmit each other’s heart-stories loud and clear. We wave and smile when we pass on the road because that’s the kind of company we want to keep. Because that’s the kind of company we are.

If you want to join us for Maine’s first Anusara Immersion, starting this weekend, I assure you, you will be in great company!

[We are also mothers, grandmothers and artists, a d.j., teachers, craftsmen, midwives, a coffee roaster, filmmakers, a speech pathologist, a singer, a computer nerd, a book-seller, chef, farmer, and boat captains among many other things!]

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