Spiraling In

A spiral is a circle through time.

Spirals are the physical representation that “no form of energy can be exerted indefinitely in one direction only”*. Energy is often described as pulsing in waves – periods of expansion and contraction, of acceleration and decelration.  This continuous dynamic pulse of energy and form through time results in the gorgeous spiraling patterns found at every scale throughout nature. The spiral growth of my sunflower seedlings, my own DNA, my daughter’s femur bones and the arms of our galaxy, these are all a result of the deeply organized, sequential pulse of potential and kinetic energy through time. 

Solstice is the turning point from the contracting spiral to the expanding spiral

For us to feel good, to feel right in our own dance between form and energy, we cannot exert indefinitely in one direction. We must turn – following the spiraling arc of the sun, now we are turning inward. Traveling on the inward moving spiral to the single-pointed source  – the still point of the sun, which occurs on the winter solstice. For the briefest moment the sun appears still, and we, having traveled with it to this point, hold still in our own heart, connected to the firey source that sparks every particle of our being, and every part of life. From this still point, renewed, we turn around with the sun and begin anew on the path of the expanding spiral. From this contraction of power, like a seed, we stand ready to unfold into our next complete expression.

The sun's path over six months behind this man's house.

Align with the spirals of your life

I have often found that when I feel stuck in my day – or directionless in my life, it is because I am not feeling the potential of infinite expansion. I often tell my yoga students that one way to know that your attitude and body are well aligned is that when you apply proper action you feel the potential of infinite expansion in your being.  In the same way, throughout my day, the year and the curve of my life, I feel best when I align with the pulse and dance of nature’s spirals and waves. Right now I am drawing-in so I can shine back out fully.

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