Svatantrya – the art of movement

I have watched this video more than a few times this week.

Break ton Neck from Alex Yde on Vimeo.

I’ve wanted to move like this ever since I was a little kid, stumbling crazily over the lawn, so knock-kneed and pigeon-toed I couldn’t even step over the garden hose. I so badly wanted to move like this when I was dismissed from gymnastics class (permanently) because I still couldn’t do a cartwheel at the age of 10. And this is how I wanted to move when I took up rock climbing, and ultimately bouldering. Which is where I finally got my first taste of the art of movement as freedom. Now I feel it in my yoga practice, sometimes. There is nothing like moving my body with ease, grace, precision and power to feel a deep-seated sense of freedom and delight.

This is why I roll my mat out everyday, at home, alone, in the dark and cold here in Downeast, Maine. This is why I put on the best dance beats I can find and get crazy with my kids every Saturday night. And in case they ever ask, you can tell my beloved future teenagers, that this is why I do all of  those potentially awkward, usually dorky looking positions, over and over again. Because I can.

I am in love with the art of movement. Yours and mine. And I want to fly. Or at least I want to feel like I am flying. A cartwheel would be amazing too . . . but I’d settle for jumping across the room in a one handed handstand while in lotus  . . .

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  1. awesome! the kids and i had to watch this a few times too! love all the posts…try to make it to next fridays…

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