Get Oily not Dry – Transitioning into Fall Part I

Yesterday morning we woke up to clear blue skies and an icy skim on our puddles. My throat was dry and Lucy kept complaining about itchy eyes. So before getting dressed for school both girls gleefully stood in front of the fire (our first of the year) so I could oil them top to bottom with straight-up unrefined (untoasted!) sesame oil. I massaged their feet, legs, hands, arms, ears, eyes and noses with oil and then gently toweled them off before getting them dressed. My children LOVE this morning ritual though I admit it takes some time and we were a little late getting to school – which was ok because it was apple-picking day.

When we arrived at the orchard, frigid arctic air blasted down the rows of apple trees and I was grateful that I had taken the time to give them and myself an oil massage. To me oil massage (“abhyanga”) is like a much-needed warm hug that lasts all day. I can pile on the layers but if I leave the house without oil on my skin, I feel naked – like a cat without my fur on.  So, for those of you that have wondered, it’s not that I stop washing my family’s hair in the winter, it’s just that sometimes it gets a little oily – sesame oily. Are you less worried about us now?

Pretty much any organic, unrefined cooking oil will work. Remember, your skin is your largest organ – never put anything on your skin that you wouldn’t put in your mouth!

Try it yourself: coconut oil, sunflower, mustard seed (pungent but warming) and sesame are all good options. Dedicate a towel to the project and oil yourself before taking a bath or shower. If you don’t have time to rinse off simply towel off. Or coat yourself with flour and lightly sauté. Just kidding.

Check out Transitioning to Fall Part II for tips on how to transition from summer leaves to fall roots.


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