And the winning cookie is . . .

This morning my daughters and I whipped up two of our favorite mineral-rich, prana-filled, kid-approved concoctions to enter into the No Bake Cookie Contest at this year’s Blue Hill Fair and we won! To be exact, my five year old daughter’s recipe won first place in the 12 and under category. Not to be sneezed at, this was a competitive category and she nudged ahead of at least 30 poopy-looking variations on the ever popular peanut butter, oatmeal, corn-syrup combo to win a substantial chunk of change and a gift card to the Blue Hill Co Op.

Raw, vegan and grain free, we made up our recipe this spring to replace the store-bought version my kids were clamoring for. Turns out it’s faster and way cheaper to make these at home . . . just one more reason we love home un-cooking!

Raw, vegan, almond lemon cookies

Proud first place winner!


Makes 12 small cookies

1. 1 1/2c    Almond flour (raw)
2. 1/2 c     Shredded coconut (raw)
3. 1 Tbs     Grated lemon rind (rind from 1-2 organic lemons)
4. 1/4 c     Lemon juice (juice from one lemon)
5. 1/3 C     Maple syrup
6. 1 tsp     Almond extract
7. 1/4 tsp   Sea salt
8. 1/2  c    Sliced almonds (optional, toasted)

1. Place all ingredients in a mixing bowl and mix well.
2. Toast sliced almonds (optional)
3. Roll dough into balls and coat with toasted sliced almonds.
4. Freeze for up to 60 mins if you like a more firm cookie.
5. EAT!!

This recipe is nutrient rich, filled with minerals and enzymes, creating a dessert that nourishes the taste buds and the body.

I had to fend off children, cats and husband to get a photo of the last two cookies of the batch.


5 Comments on “And the winning cookie is . . .

    • Yes Meg! Lucy yelled out the amount she was adding to the bowl and Jerome wrote it down as we went along. It was all very scientific.

  1. Hi Charlotte,
    Congratulations! And I love the fact that this is a SIMPLE. Sometimes raw recipes can call for really hard to find items.

    Anyway, we’re settling in down here in Western Maine, I joined Cate’s mentors group and I found your testimonial was what I needed to commit.

    My kids are enjoying picking the apples from out tree out back. Got any raw apple recipes?

    Would love to take a road trip up to see you sometime.

    Be well,

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