When the going gets tough, the tough eat greens

Why I eat greens for breakfast, lunch and dinner

It’s hot and dry, I’ve just finished a 26 mile bike ride before teaching my Saturday morning yoga class and I’ve got twenty minutes to refuel and refresh – what to do? A green juice of course! Now that the spinach and lettuce is bolting it is perfect fodder for my Breville juicer. And in goes an entire head of bok choy (I love that no matter how much I chop it back, it just keeps growing). Add a lemon and a few stalks of celery and I’ve got an instant deep-cell refresher that will get me through my class feeling as crisp and vibrant as the greens I just drank!

Greens for lunch?
By mid day I’m feeling peckish. Actually, to be honest, I’m ravenous. I love visiting the Blue Hill Farmer’s market after I teach, and though I am magnetically attracted to Millbrook Company’s gluten free (but not sugar free) brownies, I try to eat greens first. I like to mix it up, maybe a half pound of Horse Power Farm’s snap peas, a bag of Noah and Robyn’s mesclun lettuce from Living Branch Farm, a cucumber from Blue Zee Farm . . . All these fresh local organic green vegetables were grown in spectacularly mineral-rich soil, and I know they are well worth the price. When I eat greens like these, I’m getting exactly what my body needs to stay cool, calm and hydrated for the rest of the day. By filling up on these much needed alkalizing vitamins and minerals I’m counter-acting the natural acidity and depletion that comes with my typical summer excess of exercise and, yes, gluten-free brownies.

Eat greens for dinner too

Because really, you can’t over do it.  My favorite way to make greenery into a filling dinner meal is to spend a few minutes foraging around the yard and garden with my girls until we have a mess of lettuce, sprouts, tender kale, dandelion greens, lambs quarter and sorrel. We bring it inside and wrap it up tightly into a few of Maine Sea Coast Vegetable’s raw nori sheets with a simple salad dressing like tahini and lemon juice, or even just a little salt and olive oil. Yum.

Nature says eat greens

Nature is giving us exactly what we need, right when we need it. These long, hot summer days can leave us feeling withered and depleted if we don’t refill with the natural nutrition and hydration of fresh, dark, leafy greens.  And according to Ayurveda, the bitter taste that is prevalent in dark greens is perfect for neutralizing excess Pitta – the dominant dosha of summer.

Try it for yourself. Eat greens for three days, and report back. I’ve never met a human or animal that didn’t enjoy chewing the tender ends of grass . . . and feel better for it.

Eat Greens

Much to my delight, at the end of the Norway Triathlon there was an entire platter of lettuce!



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