The Heat of Transformation

Agni is the power that creates form from the formless. It is the light of life and the fire of transformation. It is the intelligent spark that illuminates every part and particle of our being, and indeed of the entire universe. Currently Agni is the heat of summer that is burning my garden to a crisp and making me want to melt into my kid’s kiddie pool – even though it is filled with all kinds of weird floaty things. Agni is powerful stuff. It is the stuff of creation and dissolution. It is the beginning and the end. It is to be honored and not to be messed with – too much. The bright side of Agni – literally – is the illuminative, refined quality known as Tejas. Tejas is the light of Agni that clarifies our vision, that both reveals the intricacies, individuality and beauty of the parts as well as the unity and cohesion of the whole. It is the ability of each cell to know its own job and to recognize that it is part of one body. It is our own ability to discern one thing from another and to choose in the highest. The peril of Agni gone wild is that by the burning light of a raging bonfire we only see differences. Discernment turns to judgement and separation. In the heat of transformation we feel alone and uncertain, we forget our true identity – the one that is made of star dust, and the light of the stars. The one that dances for the sheer delight of it, leaping like the flames that turn form back into the formless. So the next time you feel hot, hot tempered or hot headed, the next time you feel certain that you are not that,that that is not you, soften your eyes, let them fuzz over a bit until the bright light of separation begins to blur. See how the spark of life unites every part and particle and every form of creation. Then sit back in the kiddie pool and recognize that the spark is in all those floaties too. If you have a beer, go ahead and drink it.

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