2-week Fall Cleanse: shift your diet, shift your health

October 7 – 22, 2017

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Participate from anywhere with a user friendly online forum, group phone calls, live and recorded webinars and a comprehensive guide including menu plan and recipes.

Get your diet back on track with accountability and friendly group support

You already know you should be eating more vegetables and less sugar, you’ve read about low carb diets, the benefits of fermented foods, and the magic of probiotics. You’re certain french fries and milk shakes are not on the healthy list but at the end of the day does it really matter what you eat today? You keep promising yourself tomorrow you’ll clean up your diet, tomorrow you’ll buy broccoli, tomorrow you’ll quit sugar . . . Join us and make tomorrow October 7.

More than diet, I’ll teach you how to balance your lifestyle and hormones too

I recently attended a women’s circle where I discovered that most of my otherwise well-educated and self-aware girl friends knew very little about how their hormonal cycles work and how simple changes in life style and diet can dramatically improve otherwise stubborn issues with weight-gain, low energy, cycle irregularities, painful breasts, and insomnia. During this two week course you’ll learn important self-care rituals to balance hormones and improve your overall well-being.

Just what kind of meal plan is this?

I offer two fully written out, two-week meal-by-meal plans with all the recipes included, one is vegan (no meat, dairy or eggs) and one includes meat and eggs. I choose simple and easy to prepare meals so even non-cookers will succeed. You can use the meal plans as is or you can mix and match from the recipes provided. The plans are not magic (disclaimer: nothing about any diet is magic). Think of this whole thing as hand-holding, I’m here to get you pointed in a good direction and you’re going to take it from there.

This is not a depletion cleanse

We will not be juice fasting, limiting calories or focusing on weight loss. However you can expect to lose some weight simply by eliminating processed foods and excess calories. I will explain the benefits of intermittent fasting and how why it might be helpful for you to integrate longer periods of not-eating into your daily rhythm.

Why should you do this? 

I’ve led over 20 group cleanses and I’ve seen hundreds of people profoundly shift their eating habits and health by simply taking a few weeks to clean up their diet. The smallest shift can make a huge difference in how you feel, from waking up fresh and rested, to clearer skin and a better mood. It’s not about eating perfectly (what does that mean anyway?) and it’s not about “cheating” or “being good”. There are as many ways to eat as there are people on this planet. The key to YOUR diet is knowing what makes you feel good, not just in the moment, but tomorrow and the next day.

You’re going to learn a ton 

Knowing how your body works from the inside out is key to finding your own way in the food world. I’ll teach you how eating patterns affect your body’s ability to handle stress and the true importance of self-care. I’ll teach you where Ayurveda fills in the gaps of western knowledge and how we can use this ancient framework to easily build healthy daily habits. And I’ll fill you in on the latest research – how to balance your hormones, improve your gut health, and increase the activity of your parasympathetic nervous system.

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What is the actual format of Fall Cleanse?

Online group forum – this is the place we meet online to chat, ask questions and connect with fellow cleansers (novices and experts) throughout our time together. This is a private group forum only open to current Fall Cleanse members.

Regular encouragement from Charlotte – I send out regular group emails to address common questions and issues. Feel free to email or text me the questions you need answered. I also check the forum regularly and can reply to your specific questions there.

A comprehensive pdf guide – that includes recipes, menu plans, a quick start guide and tons of supplemental information. This will be emailed to you so you can download it to your computer and print as needed.

Three live webinar/teleseminars – Join-in by phone or online from anywhere in the world. Plus a Q&A session.

Recordings of live sessions – stream or download to listen to later for when you can’t attend the meetings live.

Additional recorded webinars – I’ve recorded several short slide-show lectures for you to listen to any time during the course. I cover topics such as the basics of Ayurveda, intermittent fasting, low-carb or ketogenic diets, the importance of relaxation techniques and guided versions of these techniques. Most of this information is also included in your handouts but slideshows make learning fun!

Handholding – I dedicate these two weeks to supporting YOU! I am available by phone and email for personal questions and encouragement. (If you have more complex or ongoing health issues I do request that you set up a private consultation before the cleanse.)

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OK, I’m in, what else do I need to know?

When is the first meeting?
The first live webinar is October 5, 7:00-8:30pmEST. This way you’ll have the weekend to prepare and be ready to officially start the cleanse on the morning of the 7th.
Are all the meetings held in the evening?
Yes. All the lectures are held from 7-8:30pmEST, with one Q&A session held during a weekday morning.
What’s on the menu?
Vegetables of all kinds with an emphasis on the springy, leafy, green variety, raw, cooked and fermented. There is an option to follow a grain-free diet for the duration of the cleanse, and there is also an option to supplement with animal protein during the cleanse.
What’s not on the menu?
Sugars*, processed foods, flour**, caffeine*** and dairy.
*Sugar = cane, honey, maple syrup, agave etc.
**Flour = powdery ground up grains and grain-like things including wheat, spelt, almond and other “alternative” flours.
***Taking a break from coffee and tea is strongly encouraged, but not mandatory.
How do I attend a live webinar meeting?
You can call-in by phone or log-in via your computer. You must have internet access and a computer (not a smart phone) to watch the webinar live. If you use a phone you’ll be able to ask questions when I unmute your line, when you watch by webinar you’ll be able to ask questions by typing them into a chat box.
Which is better, phone or computer?
I use slides to illustrate my lectures so it’s fun (though not necessary) to watch live via webinar. Some people prefer the more personal feeling of a phone call and the ability to speak live to me during the meeting and others don’t have internet so they call-in to listen while they are driving home etc. (ack – drive safely!!)
What if I can’t make the webinar meetings live?
Every meeting is recorded and a link to the recording will be posted to the forum within an hour or so of the end of the meeting. If you won’t be able to attend the meetings live I encourage you to schedule “listening time”. I include a ton of information and answers to common questions in my webinars and they will be crucial to you happily completing your cleanse.
Can I join meetings late?
Yes, you can attend any portion of the meeting live. I strongly encourage you to sit down and listen to the meetings live. Multi-tasking and listening with one ear could leave you with more questions than answers!
Are there any local meetings for cleansers local to the Blue Hill, Maine area?
I have provided this opportunity in the past and have had sporadic attendance (with frequent no-shows). So I’ve decided our time will be better spent by adding a Q&A session that all participants can attend online/by phone.

Can I cleanse and still train for my 5k, marathon or competitive couch-surfing event?
Yes, but let me know so I can help you! This cleanse does not require calorie restriction, and the alkalizing vegetable diet is a great way to reduce inflammation and increase healing and recovery. Carbohydrates of some kind are required to fuel your muscles so you’ll need to feel comfortable messing with the menu plans on heavier training or race days (adding in oatmeal, whole grain toast etc. as needed . . .) And definitely let me know your plans so I can support you.

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